Creating a New Norm for Parenthood

We live in a world where force is a mode of action woven between people and through the experience of life. In its most subtle form, force can masquerade as caring and concern. In its most grandiose, force results in the taking of one life for the continuance of another. Due to our protective instincts, force seems to be necessary for almost everything – from change to survival.

What role does force play in parenting, though?

Is force really necessary in adult-child relationships?

How can parents choose between force and influence?

How can we cultivate the trust needed to thrive?

Can one simple principle really guide our parenting experience?

Force Free Parenting explores these and other related questions to provide clear and immediately applicable solutions for parents and caregivers who intend to guide with truth, trust and love. While you’re here, feel free to learn more about the book and why it’s being written on a blog.

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